Wedding Receptions


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After many years of providing musical services for
Wedding Receptions we realize how very important the
day of your wedding will be.  Not only for the Bride and
Groom themselves but also for their family & friends.

We will spend all the time you may need in preparation & details
to try and make certain that every moment of your reception
will live up to your expectations.

We will go over each event with you and provide suggestions
to go along with any of your own personal preferences,
from your Wedding Party Introduction Music, to the Formal Dances,
the Party Music for open dancing and other events such as the Cake Cutting,
Bouquet Toss and Dollar Dance. We provide lights to set a festive atmosphere,
a neatly set up sound system and formal attire so that you
won't be concerned with our appearance.

Our DJ's are experienced at introducing every event involved
at your Wedding Reception.  We have Cocktail and Dinner Music
from Classy to Cool and a complete variety of fast and slow Party Music
for after dinner to get everyone on the dance floor.

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Wedding Party Introductions : Choose the style of music that we
will play during the introductions of the Honored Guests and
Wedding Party.

*** Sound Samples Coming Soon !!!


Classical - symphony



Traditional - (Here comes the Bride)

Funky - Rhythm & Blues - Disco

Hard Rock - Heavy Guitar

All of our intro music is instrumental
and you may choose your own style of music.


 Formal Dances
 We can provide nearly
 any song title you choose
 for the First Dance and
 the other formal dances
 (Bride & Father etc.)
 or help you along with
 our own suggestions.

Suggestions for Formal Dances

Cake Cutting
We have many suggestions
of music for your Cake Cutting
from the mild to the wild.

(along with a surprise if the cake
happens to get shmooshed!)

Bouquet Toss
We are experienced in
getting your guests involved
for the tossing of your
Bouquet and the Garter.
We also have different music
styles for these events along
with sound effects
(drum roll, etc.)

We can make this part of your reception as wild
(or mild) as you want it to be.

Dollar Dance: The Dollar Dance (or Bridal Dance)
has evolved over the years from Traditional (lots of Polka Music)
to more contemporary and we will set the music
and get the guests involved with whatever style you choose.

Party Mixers : Our opening mixer after your Formal Dances is guaranteed to have 75% or more of your guests on the Dance Floor. We can provide any or all of the standard party mixers
(Chicken Dance, Hokey Pokey etc.) if you request them or
skip them altogether if you choose.

Equipment Setup: Our equipment will
be neatly set up well before anyone arrives at
the reception.  Cordless microphones are
available for the blessing and the toast.
Our lights  will be directed onto the dance
floor only not toward the seating area.
We do not use strobe lights.  Our bubble
machine is also available.  We do have
back-up sound systems.

Open dancing Genetti's ballroom Wilkes-Barre, Pa.
All the photos used on this web site are original photos from our parties.